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About our before/aftercare program

Joeś Den was founded in 2000 by founder Mrs. Joe A. Allen; operating under the directorship of Mrs. Shirley Washington and with an assistant director. The program consist of a lead teacher, teacher assistants, aids and special teachers. The staff has many years of experience working with young children. Joeś Den goal is to fulfill a great need with affordable and quality before and aftercare services to its parents. We provide a safe an interactive, healthy environment while developing social and creative skills. Activities includes classes in yoga,  dance, golf, arts and crafts, sign language and in and out door play. Hours of operation Monday-Friday (except holidays) 7:00am to 8:30am 3:00pm to 6:00pm for the SY 2023/24 August 28, 2023-June 17, 2024.

*There will be NO before care when there is a delay of school opening. Every effort will try to be made for aftercare opening when there is an early dismissal. We follow DC Public School Systems (DCPS) school openings and closings. *Nutritious snacks are served in the afternoon. Note: If additional snacks are desired, parents are encouraged to send them.



A parent must sign in children in for AM and out for PM.

Inform center if child is absent. There is no refund for absent, and other school closing. Inform center if child(ren) will be picked up early or by someone that is not listed. Parent or legal guardian must sign child(ren) in and out at ALL times. Changes in schedule must be submitted in writing.

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